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Membership information

Special offer!

Join Sessay Bowls Club now and enjoy free membership for the first year.

Make new friends. Learn new skills. Free coaching. Social and competitive bowling. After bowling, enjoy a drink in the bar. Lovely village setting, overlooking the white horse.

Bowls is the sport for all - everyone welcome - come and gitve it a try.
Beginners days planned.

First 20 applicants will enjoy free membership for the first season. Membership is offered on a first come first served basis. Offer expires after 20 new members have enrolled.

To apply, complete the form below, or Email chairman@sessaybowlsclub.info.



We do not have an entrance fee and our current subscriptions are -

Full Members £60 per annum
Junior Members £10          
Social Members £10          

We also pay a match fee of £1.50 per game for most league fixtures.

Club Chairman Pat Bee. Email chairman@sessaybowlsclub.info.   Tel: 01845 501 491